BR STD Class 4, 2-6-4 Tank Loco (80000)

Fully described in “Engineering in Miniature” - July 1999 to July 2006

Doug Hewson and a Tank 80000
Image shows Doug Hewson with BR STD Class 4 Tank 

This loco was developed from the Stanier/Fairburn L.M.S. 2-6-4 tank loco for fast suburban passenger working. The cylinders were reduced by 1" diameter to give a better clearance for station platforms and therefore widening route availability. To retain the power classification the boiler pressure was increased and B.R. Standard fittings were utilized. Tanks and cab were re-profiled to give a very pleasing design.

The 5" gauge version has been designed by taking measurements from 80080 and the works drawings to give one of the most authentic models on the market, yet the loco is designed for hard work. There are numerous preserved examples from which comparisons can be made and hopefully the design will give builders pleasure in both building and driving the loco.