BR STD Class 4 Tank 80000: Complete Doug Hewson Drawing Set

  • £168.00

Complete Doug Hewson Drawing set including

  1. General Arrangement, frames and buffer beams
  2. Frame Arrangement and sections
  3. Frame Stretchers 
  4. Wheels, Suspension details and Bogie
  5. Frame stretches, pony truck, brakes and details
  6. Valve Gear layout and details
  7. Cylinders, lubricators, sanding gear
  8. Smokebox, Footplating and vacuum ejector
  9. Ash pan, fire grate etc.
  10. Boiler
  11. Bunker
  12. Tanks
  13. Cab and fittings
  14. GA RH side, injectors and Vacuum details

Size of each drawing is approx 129cm x 84cm 

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