GWR 5700 Pannier Tank: Doug Hewson Complete Drawing set

  • £168.00

Complete Doug Hewson Drawings set including:

  1. General Arrangement
  2. Frame Plates, Axleboxes and Arrangement
  3. Frame details, Buffers, and Couplings
  4. Platform Arrangement and Brake Gear
  5. Sanding gear
  6. Coupling rods arrangement
  7. Valve gear and reverser.
  8. Smokebox and super heaters
  9. Tanks, top covers and details
  10. Boiler arrangement
  11. Coal bunker arrangement and plates
  12. Cab Platework for both 5700 and 8750
  13. Cab fittings and layout
  14. Boiler mountings and fittings for both 5700 and 8750

    Printed on order

    Each drawing is approx 129cm x 84cm (AO)

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